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Nowadays, a website design should not be only pretty and deliver information about a company. How many companies have a rather nice web site and generate very little sales or requests for contacts? How many leaders are proud to have a web site well done technically but which generates little traffic?

It is great to have a nice website design, but the best way to increase your turnover is to have a design that converts visitors into customers!

Furthermore today natural indexing, design and ergonomics are closely linked. Indeed, Google can easily recognize a low quality website, for instance when visitors don’t stay long on it. And when Google detects a low traffic website, the judgment is quickly delivered: the site loses search rankings. The best way to maintain a high ranking in search engines like Google is to constantly provide new quality content. It is therefore necessary to design a website structure (menus, urls, and tree menu) and a source code conforming to Google ergonomic rules

As specialists in E-marketing since 2006, we have always made websites conforming to search engines rules in order to obtain good search rankings. We combine design and development with a marketing vision to get a quality traffic which converts into customers.

As we are located in Asia, which is a multilingual country, we can help you to create multilingual websites: both in Western languages (French, English, Spanish, German...) and Asian languages (Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay, etc.). We can write or translate the contents for you.

Websites Administration

We offer user friendly administration interfaces to simplify content management. If you know how to use Word, you will easily use our services, even the multilingual ones!

Our portfolio web development is often mainly powered by Wordpress.


Currently three content management systems (CMS) are open source market leaders: Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress. In 2008 we chose to invest in Wordpress technology for three main reasons:

  • The possibility to easily create specific functions and integrate any type of design;
  • A simplified administration interface to allow any user, without any technical skills, to manage the site;
  • A technology driven SEO with a clean source code and dozens of SEO plug-ins. Google itself recommends Wordpress CMS!
Wordpress has gained a great reputation in recent years and has won numerous competitions open source. You can see below the number of searches on Google since 2004 for the various CMS Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress.

95% of companies can chose Wordpress as CMS for their websites, because it covers all their needs at affordable price. But we have also developed our own CMS to meet the very specific requirements of certain customers.

Why use Asia SEO Consultant websites creation/redesign services?

  • Since 2006 we have created dozens of sites, we can help you to create a site for any type of business in Europe, America and Asia;
  • We have developed a traffic acquisition strategy to create SEO websites;
  • We have several years of experience in multilingual sites creation;
  • We combine Western quality with our geographical position in Asia to offer you an excellent price/quality relation.


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