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Netlinking refers to inbound and outbound links that serve as reference for your site's visitors as well as for those who come across your site elsewhere. Backlinks are links found on other sites that direct users of that site to your own website. The quality of your backlinks will get you credibility with search engines.

Links can make you or break you so you need to be clever about how you use them in your website. If you find yourself struggling to get the most out of the many backlinks you have on your site then you should know that your links are not considered as "relevant".

The old Algorithms in search engines used to take into account the number of links a site had but now they care about the kind of sites that are linking to your website. It's not about quantity anymore but about quality. By quality we mean a site selling shoes and a guy selling power tools have no business linking to each other. In a case like that, search engines have become clever enough to see the irrelevance of such links.

SEO Consultant Asia renders different kinds of services to create backlinks that lend credence and credibility for your site.

Our programs are designed to link your brand with relevant sites. We employ traditional methods and leverage on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We can also offer content marketing options that are a little outside the box like Link Baiting which involves creating small pieces of content or video clips posted on social network sites like YouTube to get people to your site. The ultimate goal of Netlinking is to get traffic to your site but it should be traffic that wants to see what you offer- think on the shoe and power tool example made earlier...

Advergame and Viral Marketing

There is one avenue that most SEO companies neglect and that is the online gaming world. Advergames are games that are made available free of charge but are specifically meant to promote a product or business. Considering that almost 60% of Chinese online visitors go online to play games, it's a mystery that this avenue is not exploited as much as it should be.

Video marketing, Facebook, Twitter...

We have lot of ways to create netlinking in order to increase ranking on SERP for your website.

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