E-commerce creation with Prestashop

Nowadays dozens E-commerce websites are launched every hour. Especially in China, the E-commerce is booming with more than 500 netizens. And you, are you ready for begin this adventure?

At SEO Consultant we choose the most effective tool for customers and cheaper to implement. Our solution is based on Prestashop, an open source product known for its efficiency, simplicity and SEO opportunities.

The Prestashop E-commerce solution at a glance:

  • Voted best E-commerce open source
  • E-commerce technology number 1 in Europe
  • A community of more than 160,000 members
  • More than 250 features
  • 50,000 stores worldwide use Prestashop as Mercedes-Benz

Prestashop has gained a great reputation in recent years and has won numerous competitions open source. You can see below the number of searches on Google since 2004 for the various E-commerce Prestashop, OsCommerce and Magento.

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Don't forget the main point : SELL!

If you choose to use Prestashop or other "free" E-commerce CMS on your own, you will soon realize that you need to hire an E-commerce specialist to make full use of the available opportunities in order to reach your goal: sell!

An E-commerce site must be more than a mere storefront; one should establish a long-term digital strategy to determine which function should be implemented:

  • Ergonomic design to convert visitors into buyers
  • Rich and powerful content to attract visitors and convert them into customers
  • Direct the website visitors to the best offers for them
  • Provide multiple payment solutions (check, bank transfer, PayPal, credit card, etc.)
  • Provide logistics and delivery solutions to the customer
  • Use various means to generate website traffic (natural and paid SEO, social networking, emailing, etc.)
SEO Consultant Asia helps you to create and to promote your E-commerce site in order to attract a qualified traffic on your website. If you work with us you will increase your sales turnover and quickly get your return on investment.

Create your E-commerce site with people who know what is really E-commerce

The director of SEO Consultant has acquired some experience in the early 2000s in France in E-commerce field managing a picture printing company. He then launched an e-commerce company in China in 2008.

The E-commerce manager at SEO Consultant Asia has worked for 4 years as web consultant for the French E-commerce website leader vente-privee.com . Vente Privee is the E-commerce European leader (1, 3 billion Euros in 2013).

At SEO Consulting, we create your E-commerce website, and we use our own field experience to advise you. You can ask us about “supplier management”, “logistics”, “taxes”, “customer support”, we know how it works in real life not only in theory!


  • Respect your customer / Time on delivery
  • Think as your customer do / Deep analysis of website statistics
  • Don’t use all your budget in web development, think about marketing and SEO! / Get maximum of trafic with all possible ways
  • Try to update often your homepage... / ...but don’t forget the other pages, most of visitors don’t begin by home page!
  • Take care of the pictures and descriptions of your products / Give special offer to your existing customers
  • Don’t try to make the website perfect at beginning, it’s always improving... / Your online business is not like a real offline shop, visitor leave quickly if they don’t find what they want...


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