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China has the largest population in the world and arguably has the highest number of users of the internet. If you wanted to increase sales or make your business known to a large number of people, China is the best place to go. China also exports a lot of products and in turn, because of its population, imports a large number of products and services that are not available in the country.

The benefits of having a Chinese website

English might be the universal language spoken in many countries but Chinese is not everyone’s language of business. China is one of those countries where English is optional and so if you really want your business to go global, you will consider this and offer information in a language that Chinese people may understand. That is why at SEO Consultant Asia, we offer clients who wish to get a bigger market share; a choice of having their websites translated and presented to an audience who would understand them. A Chinese version is a simple solution and is easy to implement.

If you need to sell your products and services to China, a website in Chinese represents a low-cost alternative and has many advantages:

Chinese localization

Translation and Chinese Website’s SEO is something that we are really good at. We will optimize the English version of any website into Chinese and submit it to search engines and directories.

Translating your website into Chinese has a lot of advantages besides ensuring that you tap into the Asian market more effectively.

  • You will have an English version that takes care of the rest of the English speaking world and a Chinese version which will make you known to more than 300 million visitors who read and speak noting else but Chinese.
  • A website that offers visitors information in more than one language demonstrates how dynamic and globally accessible your business really is.
  • Having a website in both Chinese and English will draw more customers and give you the international edge you need to take your business to another level.
  • One lap ahead of your competitors!

Besides creating websites in Chinese we also offer a translating service for our English clients who only want to change certain documents into Chinese or have documents that come to them written in Chinese that they need to translate into English or French.

Not having a reliable translation service can cost you a lot of business as you will lose big contracts because of a language barrier. Where most people would use computer programs or software to translate documents which takes time and is not always accurate, we have actual people. The translations offered are worth the price and quality and this is a service any company wanting to go global cannot afford to go without.


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